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Thank you for participating

We would like to invite you to watch a short mental health film.

Together, we will explore and process any emotions that arises during the film.

With love,

Kindly watch until the end of the film for the ‘Continue’ button to appear.

Take a deep inhale...

... and exhale

How did you feel as you were watching the film?

Have you experienced these emotion(s) before?

It is part of our human condition to experience different emotions throughout our lifetime.

Imagine being with the you who was feeling the emotion(s) mentioned:

What would you say to yourself to ensure that you are supported, respected and listened to?

What are some examples of how you take care of your mental health?

Have you ever experienced feeling fearful, angry, shy, disappointment, shameful, sad?

Do you allow the Singapore Mental Health Film Festival to use snippets of your story? We will maintain your privacy.

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The Singapore Mental Health Film Festival wants to challenge the stigma of mental health. We believe that by using films to explore our emotions, it gives us the opportunity to acknowledge that all of us experience fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, and stress at some point in our lives.

For us to cultivate empathy and compassion for someone who might have a mental health concern, we need to recognise our own vulnerabilities. Only then can we hold space and support each other by listening without judgement.

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